• What should I expect on the initial visit?
Patient History…  Dr. Stull will discuss the nature and extent of your condition with you to determine if chiropractic care is an appropriate treatment for the condition.  If chiropractic care is not suitable for your condition, we will readily refer patients to the appropriate health care provider.
Physical Exam…  Orthopedic, neurological, and spinal examinations, as well as posture analysis, are preformed to determine general health status and specific problems.
X-Rays…  May be ordered to further assess the health condition if necessary.
Diagnosis…  Based on history, examination and X-Ray / lab findings.
Treatment…  A personal treatment plan will be developed for you.  Treatment methods, along with spinal manipulation, may include ultrasound, electrical stimulation and controlled exercises.  It may include lifestyle counseling, such as providing exercises aimed at building flexibility, strength and over all well-being.
  • Does my insurance cover Chiropractic care?

Over 98% of insurance plans cover Chiropractic treatment.  We will be happy to verify your insurance coverage when you enter our office.

  • Will the treatments hurt?

With his 29 years of experience, Dr. Stull provides gentile Chiropractic adjustments to help your pain.  He knows the right technique to help you feel better with very little discomfort.

  • What is an adjustment?

Adjustments are the method a chiropractor utilizes to re-align any misalignments that are discovered in the body.  Dr. Stull will use gentle techniques to nudge your misalignments back to where they are supposed to be.  Most of the time, adjustments and realignments are achieved without the need for forceful “cracking” types of adjustments.

  • Will my medical doctor disapprove of me seeing a chiropractor?

Times have changed!!! Dr. Stull receives many referrals from medical physicians that now realize the superior  benefits of spinal manipulation.  They know medicine is just temporary relief, and surgery should always be a last resort.

  • I’ve been told that my back or neck is so bad that no chiropractor would touch me.

That may have been true in the past, but newer and lower force techniques are very safe and effective for severe degenerative conditions.

  • I’ve been told I have a bulged or herniated disc and I need surgery. Is this my only option?

Recent medical authorities have suggested that only 1 in 100 spinal surgeries are probably truly necessary.  They suggest conservative care, including spinal manipulation, should always be tried before surgical intervention is considered.

  • How long before I feel better?

This depends on several factors: How severe was the injury?  How much degeneration is present?  Is there underlying health issues, i.e., diabetes, obesity, smoking history, etc.  Some patients notice almost immediate relief on their first visit.  Others may take several adjustments before they feel better.  As a general rule, if no improvement is evident after several weeks, referral for additional tests (CT scan, MRI) or an orthopedic or neurosurgical consultation may be in order.  This is extremely rare, however! 

  • Is Chiropractic Care Safe? 

Absolutely. Compared to other medical treatments, which include medication and surgery, chiropractic is by far the safest. It is estimated that 140,000 people in the USA die each year from drug-related reactions and nearly 100,000 people die as result of medical errors. Insurance companies evaluate the risks of all professions and charge premiums bases on those risks. Chiropractors have by far the lowest insurance premium compared to all medical providers. Even though millions of chiropractic adjustments are made each year, only a few complaints are registered.

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