Dr Clark Stull-Stull Chiropractic-Macon GA

Welcome to Stull Chiropractic, located in Macon Georgia.

Your health care is our number one concern. We combine chiropractic and rehabilitation therapy to provide our patients with faster, longer-lasting relief from pain.

We want to help you feel your best.

Has it been months, or even years since you could run without knee or lower back pain? Have you had to stop doing things you enjoyed because your shoulder hurts too much afterward?  Getting pain or numbness down your arm or leg, and worried that it might be a disc herniation?  Looking for a Chiropractor in Macon GA? If so, we can help.

Whether you are suffering from an injury or a chronic condition, successful chiropractic treatment follows this basic cycle of care: manage the pain, correct the problem, and then work to prevent the problem from returning.

The importance of prevention should not be overlooked. To achieve total wellness, we believe it’s vital that you become involved in your own recovery. The best results come from a combination of chiropractic adjustments and living a healthy lifestyle. Stull Chiropractic is an important partner in your care. 

How we’re different

Our focus is on fixing your underlying problem – not just masking pain with medication.To achieve this we create an effective treatment plan that is customized to your EXACT needs.We know that each individual — and each injury – is different. That’s why your plan of care will be custom tailored to your individual needs to ensure the best possible results. Our job is to get you well and keep you well, and we take it very seriously.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Stull Chiropractic we want your visit to be a pleasurable experience. Dr. Stull has a wonderful rapport with his patients and is known as the Compassionate Chiropractor. We also want you to feel your best. Take a moment and check out our services.